Things I Like To Discover About People + Laura

Today's 'Things I Like To Discover About People' guest post is by Laura who writes one of my very favourite blogs, Make Do & Mend. She lives in the UK and is a wonderful, crafty lady. I participated in her travelling journal project, and she in mine, and have received many a beauteous letter from her. I know you'll like her as much as I do! x Bianca

Bianca asked if I'd like to write a little guest post including responses to her list entitled 5 Things I Like to Discover About People, so here goes!

1. What my handwriting looks like

Sleep time

2. What my bedroom looks like

I moved into a flat in an old Convent just last month, which means my bedroom contains a rather unusual feature; a stained glass window! It's a very cosy room, I've decorated my side of the bed with photos and postcards that make me happy.



3. What I was like at school
I was a pretty shy kid at school. The picture below shows me in the green dress, in the Christmas play at nursery school. I remember being really jealous of the girl on the left who got to dress up as the star in the nativity!

I enjoyed nursery school and junior school but not so much secondary school. I have happy memories of junior school where me and my best couple of friends would spend our free time making a school magazine (called Just Kids) and recording pretend radio shows in the broom cupboard.

4. What my parents look like
I love this photobooth picture, taken in the 70's when my parents first got together.

5. What makes me laugh
Hmm, all sorts of things. Silly things. Taking photos of silly things. This photo is a good example, taken last winter, my boyfriend trying on Christmas jumpers. He really should've bought this one, don't you think?

+ Things I Like To Discover About People:
- What they looked like as a kid
- Their favourite place in the world
- At what age they felt they were at their happiest
- What posters were on their wall growing up
- What foods they love/cannot stand