Things I Like To Discover About People + Brodie

My Melbourne internet pal Brodie of With Love And Swallow will be guest posting today. I feel that we are kindred spirits and am hoping to meet her in the flesh before she jets off to become a New Yorker later in the year. She is a grand lady, x Bianca.

Firstly, I would like to thank the brilliant Bianca for asking me to guest contribute to Goodnight Little Spoon (AKA one of my faveeeesie blogs evz!). Secondly, I'll shut up and get down to the job at hand.

A picture of my handwriting:

Note: this is obvz a mirror image of my fancy (read: non-everyday) writing. This particular example is an infograph I made to hang in my room and teach myself the order of Manhattan avenues ahead of my move there in September. I've learned it already. Onto the subway map!

A series of pictures of my bedroom (which I recently posted on my blog):

What I was like in high school:

With my sister and grandpa. This picture was on the front page of the local paper on ANZAC day in 2004. Note: my white girl fro and revolving roster of badges I stuck to the collar of my school uniform.

My BFF Zoey and I at Splendour in the Grass 2007. We were front row for Hilltop Hoods and it was the breast.

My 17th birthday. I dug tequila for a while. I also lived in a really small town, so excuse the class in this picture.

My sister and dad before my school formal in 2007.

I have limited digital pictures from my high school years (2003-2007), but these are some I found on Facebook. Some of my favourite things in high school were: MySpace, 3/4 leggings, my iPod(s), spending my limited funds on Polaroid film, dreaming about moving to Melbourne and John Hughes.

What my parents look like:

Tie-in from the bedroom pictures: I have two 70s photobooth pictures of my mama stuck to my dresser mirror (it's a family joke that my mum smokes in every picture from her teen years, including in a photo booth. She reminds me of Lesley Arfin in these pictures, which rules).

I Skyped my dad this morning and blew his mind by holding up my iPhone to the screen and reflecting his image back to him

What makes me laugh:

A lot of stuff makes me laugh, nothing more than good TV shows. Lately I've been concerned with making other people laugh with my short-form comedy project Ham Alert, which I do with my buddy Anton. He makes me laugh a lot:

Five things that I would like to know about other people:
+ their favourite TV characters
+ their drink of choice
+ what their wardrobe looks like
+ what their computer desktop looks like
+ their favourite pair of shoes