Decorated Bicycles

+ kris atomic.

CP's Gilbert, Basket
+ lovely bicycle.

cycle chic
+ marie-ll.

A little less customisation
+ claire sambrook.

Happy Holidays!
+ lovely bike.

+ serene onion.

+ biphop.

+ unknown.

Postman's Christmas bike
+ dee railer (this english postman decorated his bike for christmas).

Thank God,its Friday
+ iam sterdam.

+ amsterdamize.

+ unknown.

Paint charts in spokes, handlebar streamers, a basket (wicker, metal or wood), pretty panniers, flags, bunting, nameplates (bought or made from cardboard), spokey dokes, crocheted skirt guards, flowers poked into basket (real or fake), bows, ribbons, cards or photos cut into shape to stick into spokes, electrical tape wrapped around frame, children's toys attached to frame or basket, etc.