+ making collage cards when I should be doing uni work.

+ books lent to me by a friend and a beautiful decorated envelope he made.

+ my yard is 90% concrete and 10% garden, lots of chalking space. my cat rolled in the chalk and had colourful patterns all over his fur.

+ i was interviewed for an article about cyclists in launceston a few weeks ago and in today's paper i appeared, squinting at the sun. they misspelled my surname and spent two paragraphs on my appearance and one sentence on my cycling, but it's still fun to have been included. i am about to go to work and am worried everyone will have seen it, haha.

+ today, in my part of the world, it is adeline's birthday and she has invited everyone to dress up and attend her birthday party. adeline is a darling and i am so glad the internet led me to her. happy birthday little french lady!