List; Lists to make

+ colours with great names (e.g. chartreuse, saffron, aubergine, vermillion, puce).
+ happy places (e.g. autumnal parks, bookshops, cinemas, seashores, museums, etc).
+ a reverse bucket list (things i've done).
+ if i had a dollar for every time i... (e.g. reapplied my lipstick, smashed my bicycle into my shins, said "thank you" to a customer at work, etc).
+ favourite fictional couples (e.g. mark & dobby (peepshow), enid & seymour (ghost world), amelie & nino (amelie), kermit & miss piggy (sesame street), etc).
+ songs i like to sing in the shower (e.g. 'taint what you do it's the way that you do it', 'sea of love', 'when i get low i get high', 'tonight you belong to me', etc).
+ things that make everyone look dorky (e.g. shoulder pads, segways, speedos, bluetooth headsets, crocs, etc).
+ things found on my street (in photographs).
+ traits of my parents i see in myself.
+ the proust questionnaire.
+ fascinating individuals (e.g. charles darwin, einstein, da vinci, etc).
+ childhood happinesses.
+ famous cats (e.g. cheshire, garfield, felix, sylvester, puss in boots, dinah, greebo, etc).
+ things to do on a perfect day.
+ things i would like to collect.
+ people i'd trade lives with.
+ pets i've had and their names.