Autumn Leaves

This is my first autumn in Tasmania and I think it's been my favourite season here so far. I have been meaning to photograph some of Launceston's perfect autumnal parks as the leaves have been changing colours and covering the ground - now there are only two more days before Winter begins. I've never lived anywhere with this kind of scenery before - real seasons. These photos were taken in what is probably my third favourite Launceston park, called Brickfields. Launceston has the kind of parks that are full of people and activity and you can put down a blanket, sit and spend the day people watching in beautiful scenery. Have I mentioned how much I adore this city?! I've been here just a little more than ten months and I feel like I never want to leave.

+ dress & scarf; nanna's.
+ stockings; sent to me by linsey.
+ coat;
+ boots; dr. martens.

+ hat; handmade.