21 before 22

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I'm a bit late to the game with this list, my birthday having been three months ago, but I'm confident I can get a whole bunch of these little goals ticked off my list in time. I rarely make new years resolutions or any solid goals, so this is my light hearted and low-pressure goal list. Do you have a similar list (on paper or in your head)?

21 things to do before I am 22;

1. fly a kite
2. go roller skating
3. get my passport
4. see falling snow (i've only seen a-bit-on-the-side-of-the-road snow)
5. make at least one zine
6. go camping with friends
7. get more postcards printed
8. have some art in a gallery
9. successfully make macarons (or the rainbow cake)
10. make one collage/drawing a week
11. buy a new graphics tablet and learn to use it (really well)
12. cook C a 3 course meal
13. join a yoga class
14. get really dressed up with my little sister and go somewhere fun
15. wreck a journal
16. buy an amazing bathing suit (+ + + +) and
17. go to the beach at least once
18. find a photobooth, take photos
19. stop biting my nails for good
20. leave the country (or at put plans in place to)
21. learn to knit and crochet with my lovely sara and do lots of it

+ Inspired by the lovely Hula Seventy.