Mail; from Sally

This letter from Sally arrived in my mail box a couple of months ago and it still amazes me when I look at it. All those beautiful stitches and stamps! Sally said it took her a very long time and was really worried I would move house before she got time to finish it. You may also note that there is a missing 'N' in the word Launceston which Sally scolded herself for, but I think I love it even more for it! Sally is an excellent mail artist and letter writer and has wonderful blog called Queenie and the Dew. She is definitely on my list of bloggers I'd love to meet.

Letter writing has taken a bit of a back seat for me these past few months. Being totally (wonderfully) overwhelmed with mail, combined with being very busy, left little time for my favourite past time and I felt (and still feel) very guilty seeing this big pile of letters waiting for my replies. When I did get time to reply, my letters were shorter, I tried to write a handful in one go and it all felt very robotic and insincere. So I've been taking a hiatus for a few months. I'm not sure when I'll start writing again, I'm sure I'll have to ease myself back into it and I definitely won't be able to keep up with it at the rate I had been trying to. I really miss it, but I stopped feeling that initial great joy upon sending and receiving mail and I'd like to get that back. Meanwhile, I have still been receiving the most lovely mail, like the letter above. I hope to post some more pictures of my received mail soon.