Worn; Purple & Mess Hair

+ Jacket & dress; Nanna's (I really do buy 95% of my clothes there)
+ Shoes; Levis
+ Stawberry badge; my pal Sara

My cat is in an awkward teenage kind of stage. Not quite kitten, not quite cat, kind of scruffy. He's still very naughty despite my having been told that after boys are desexed they get cuddlier and less crazy. He is much nicer to C than he is to me. I guess I do tend to rile him up and tickle him mostly. He makes this wonderful screeching noise when I rub the start of his tail. I still have to take careful note of where I put my hair clips or I'll find them in his food bowl. They smell horrible and are covered in cat spit and I have to throw them away. Bad kitty.

I wore this outfit today while shopping for more vintage dresses. I feel baaaaad. I am gobbling up my savings one dress at a time. It doesn't help when your favourite shops give you "10% off, but only for you!". No complaints though really.