Knit Lab

I don't know how to knit, but I do know how to make collages. I was asked to make a knitting and science themed collage for this excellent exhibition being put together by Team Textiles which consists of one of my uni tutors, Mae, one of my uni classmates, Abigayle and the lovely Isis. The closing party on the 30th has a 'Strike A Patons' theme where attendees are asked to come along wearing vintage cardigans/novelty knits and strike a pose like those found of the front cover of old Patons knitting patterns. I'm hoping that I might learn to knit in the month that the exhibition runs.

bottom half

I have been taking some pictures of the progress of the bits and pieces that will fill the exhibition, here are some low-fi iPhone pictures;

Some bits of the collage I made (while watching Frank Sinatra's 'Suddenly' late at night on TV).

I will document the exhibition as it progresses.