Worn; I ♥ Shoes

I have been wearing these Vivienne Westwood shoesies for three days straight, though my feet are not as happy about it as I am. I got them for $30 on Australian eBay, but they retail for about $150. They have tiny cute heels and ankle straps and the trademark faint bubblegum scent. They're definitely more comfy with stockings but it wasn't as icy today in Launceston as it has been so I took the opportunity to not have to wear any. Morrissey was sunbaking on the roof as he often does.

Note to self: Must find new place to take outfit photos that isn't blindingly sunny so that I can actually open my eyes in photographs!

Shoes: Vivienne Westwood & Melissa
Coat: A.Joy
Dress & petticoat; Vintage