Bicycle Bling

You know when people 'pimp their rides' and end up adding so many customisations to their cars to the point that they just look ridiculous? That's basically what I aim for with my bike. I'm not a great big fan of the colour pink - I don't hate it, but I didn't really want a pink bike - I'd have preferred red. So, I kind of try to make fun of myself for riding such a pink bike by accessorising it with as much pink ridiculousness as possible. It is girly and bright and "flamboyant" (as they boy with the brown bicycle that parks next to mine every Monday morning at uni said) and I have a lot of fun riding it.

C recently bought these wonderful Basil panniers (above) for me as a gift. They fit a great deal of things inside them, have a million pockets, are waterproof and feature a sweet Cath Kidston-esque pattern. I was a little worried about them being stolen when I park my bike (they have buckles that attach to my bracket) so I cable-tie them on in a million places very elaborately, but I'm considering buying a little children's bike lock to fix them a bit more permanently (like Julie does with hers).

Months ago, I bought the pattern to make these crocheted skirt guards (above) and hoped that I'd be able to teach myself to crochet. My lovely friend Sara has taught me the basics, but I'm not really a natural, so I asked the lovely Dorien at Just Do if she could make me the skirt guards to match my bike and she very swiftly crocheted these ones for me in a gorgeous colour scheme. Attaching them was a bit of a test of my patience, so I won't be taking them off any time soon! They are waterproof and protected against dirt and grease and you can just take them off and throw them in the wash if they start looking shabby.


My bike now has panniers AND a skirt guard AND a decorated basket AND paint chart spokes. I really don't know how I can make my bike any more pinkified except perhaps for some cutesy handlebar streamers or maybe even bright pink wheels like lovely Julie? Any suggestions? :D