Thrifty Thursday

+ my cat's seemed oddly intrigued by the items I brought home - Morrissey seems to love the smell of daffodils.

Jodie Kitty Robot does lovely sporadic Thrifty Thursday posts and it seemed like a good coincidence that she did one today and I also did some thrifting myself today. I only got to go to one op-shop in the op-shopping strip on Invermay Road today but I think I'll visit the others early next week. I picked up a bundle of manchester-y items; green love-heart pillow cases, a sweet pastel orange ric-rac trimmed tablecloth and a crocheted lap blanket, as well as a pretty lined basket and some bright plates (we only have about three plates in our house because C says that way you wash your dishes more often, pish!). I almost forgot to mention The Head. C does not like The Head (I'll admit it is slightly creepy), so I had to have it. I was following him around the store with it and he got upset. I attached the head comically to my bicycle, filled up my panniers with the rest of the items and rode home, like so...



+ P.S. I cropped out the edge of that Bio-Cycle sign because in big letters underneath it was advertising "Environmentally Sustainable Composting Toilets!" but now I'm mentioning it I may as well have left it in :P