Worn; Collar and Bows

I am pretty smitten with these Harajuku Lovers shoes, especially since they didn't break the bank (like Vivienne Westwoods do). They arrived today in the very pretty box pictured. I'm not quite sure what my infatuation with rubber shoes is. You've may have noticed that I don't wear pants very often - these are the only jeans I own. I don't think jeans are overly flattering on my body (short legs) and I much prefer dresses anyway. As far as jeans go though, these are pretty nice - thin denim, comfy, high waisted and they don't fade.

Shoes; Harajuku Lovers (via Amazon)
Collar; Romwe
Scarf; Made by my Nanna
Jeans; Just Jeans Second Skin
Cardigan & skivvy; too old to recall
Jacket; Thrifted.