Worn; I ♥ U


Long time no see, no? I have officially moved into my new house, handed over the keys to the old house and begun the rearranging furniture and decorating phase. Because our move was such a short one (literally around a corner) we didn't use a car at all during the move - we used a shopping trolley and a bed base with wheels to move most of our furniture (I imagine it would have looked humorous). I could not be happier with our new house. It is so bright and light and roomy. It makes me happy! These photos were taken in my new backyard. I love that graffiti so much, ha. I'm sure you'll get sick of seeing photos of it soon! I will definitely fill this space with some photos of my new abode once it stops being full of boxes.

+ dress: lil & i vintage (newcastle); jacket: nanna's coffee & vintage; belt: thrifted; scarf: belongs to c; shoes: rivers; stockings: target.