Just A Minute...

...in October.

+ my little sister is in town for a week and we had afternoon tea at nanna's on her second day here.

+ spare bedroom all ready for little sister's arrival.

+ sometimes people leave rubbish in my basket while it is parked outside my workplace. one night i found a 3-pack of brand new men's extra large animal print underwear. i wish i'd kept them, but i felt too awkward and left them outside my work.

+ all three of my kitties. probably the only photo of all three of them together that will ever exist.

+ how we moved some of our furniture to our new house.

+ graffiti in my yard.

+ naughty cat not helping with the move.

+ pretty old launceston advertising - 'cyder'.

+ harajuku lovers shoes. sadly they have broken in several places. wouldn't recommend them, but they are cute.

+ rock & metal rhino outside my uni.

+ the junction festival blow up whale.

+ yarn scrap box in class.

+ now i have a slot-in-the-wall letter box.

Watching; Downton Abbey, Vampire Diaries, Breaking Bad (um, varied?!), Submarine, The Help, How To Marry A Millionaire & Heathers (so very!).
Buying; Presents for my little sister's eighteenth birthday, opshop goodies & fancy 75% off shampoos.
Listening to; Not as much as I'd like - but I have the new Feist album and Owl Eyes EP waiting for me to press play.
Loving; My new house, the colour peach & the thought of trying out my new swimmers sometime soon.
Consuming; Caramello Koalas & Vegemite scrolls.