My little sister Sarah returned to her Northern home yesterday and our house has been feeling noticeably empty since. I really miss her already. We didn't get to do anything very 'big' in the week she was here (it sucks not to have a car when you have an interstate guest), just little outings - eating at cafes, opshopping, a trip to the markets, Nanna's visits, walks around town, my first run in ten years (my sister is a fitness freak), Scrabble, watching movies, a swim at the pool and hanging out with the other Sara in my life.
She is the ultimate house guest. I actually felt quite depressed seeing the state she'd left our spare bedroom in - totally spotless, as if nobody had ever stayed in there! Ha. Money and time being issues, neither of us have planned when we'll see each other again, which makes me feel kind of uneasy. I hope it's sooner rather than later. Next year she moves to the city and starts university, I want to see her all growed up!

Over the next three days I'll be manically trying to finish up my three major assignments. After Friday, I am basically free until February next year! Weeeee! I am trying to narrow down my subject choices for next semester and failing. I am taking a Summer school at the start of January called 'The Artist's Book' which sounds awesome. Feeling super excited about uni next year.

Here are some pictures of some miscellaneous bits and things:

+ My sister bought me this cute little maneki neko (swinging arm cat) while she was here. I need to get him a battery to make his arm swing.

+ a corner of my loungeroom.

+ I found this kitty tin at an opshop (unfortunately, it was full of old biscuit crumbs). I'm going to keep my old photos in it. Note C's Buffy dvd collection.

+ spare bedroom, after my sister left.

+ Our street is known informally as "the flag street". When I've told taxi drivers where I live they always say "oh, you should have just said the flag street". Most of the houses have big flag poles in their yards with Australian flags on them, so C and I thought we'd participate in a round about way with some prayer flags. We buy a new set of these flags every time we move.

+ C won a jellybean guessing competition at a cafe and the prize was a $50 Oxfam shop voucher. This little purse was one of the things he bought for me with his winnings. It is made our of Coke bottle wrappers. AMAZING. I love it.

+ I bought a little handful of vintage cards at the Evandale markets on the weekend. These are some of my favourites.