October Favourites

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+ smoked cheddar and biscuits
+ scalloped dress hems
+ sunny rain
+ parks alive with people
+ peachy pink and pale blue
+ cutting and pasting
+ art by joseph cornell (via pp)
+ trying on my new swimmers and the potential for swimming
+ lingering sunshine at 7pm
+ scented nail polish (currently: revlon mon cherry)
+ the sound of my cat's bell as he runs through the house
+ when people are visibly happy to see you
+ when launceston smells like jasmine
+ everything-from-the-fridge-pasta
+ the smell of my paint box
+ flowers growing in the lawn
+ guilty pleasure television (currently: australia's next top model)
+ someone i'm happy to call my best friend
+ kimbra - vows (all these songs are glued inside my head!)
+ mini battenberg cakes
+ the loveliness principle