Sending Mail

I used to write a lot of letters. Between late 2009 and early 2011 I sent over 500 items of mail. It was something I very much enjoyed (and happily documented here) but as you can imagine, I totally burnt myself out. Until today I hadn't written a letter in six months.

I have a slot-in-the-door mailbox. I usually hear the postman deliver my mail into it each morning because he seems to like to do it with a great deal of FORCE. I received a wonderful letter today from a girl named James in the Philippines - C found it about a metre and a half down our hallway. We should measure on the floor how far our mail is flung through the slot each day and see if the postman makes a new personal best. The letter James sent me really reinvigorated my feelings toward mail and connecting with likeminded people across the globe. So thank you James!

+ from James.

+ to James.

+ The recipient for this collage is a secret as it is a bit of a birthday card.

+ I sent two of these postcards to two of my favourite letter writing ladies in the USA. It was the most Halloweeny card I had.

I am slowly easing myself back into writing letters. I have finished university for the year and should have a few extra hours up my sleeve each week. I'd like letter writing to be something that I enjoy again and not something that feels like a full time job or something else to feel guilty about. It was hard to admit that I simply cannot reply to every letter always, or immediately. But I do love sending letters and that's what I'm going to do.