Worn; Pink Floral

I went to Nanna's last week (despite the impending doom of my bank account) and tried on a few sale dresses. Sweet Lucy gave me four dresses for $40 (quite a saving!). I haven't bought any clothes in a while because I guess I am always looking for the 'perfect' dress or my new 'favourite' dress, rather than just picking up nice basic items that I can layer. This dress wouldn't have been something I would have ordinarily picked out, but I quite enjoy the dorky floral pattern.

I am working six days straight this week so that I can have three days off in a row while my Nanna is in town - it's her first trip to Tasmania. I'm still not sure what to do with her while she's here, but I'm thinking - Cataract Gorge, visiting Launceston's gorgeous parks, maybe a day trip or two to some farms (cheese, chocolate, strawberry) and it does seem fitting that I might take my own Nanna for a visit to Nanna's shop. My other Nanna has promised she'll visit early next year - yay for Nannas. I love visitors. All of my family lives on the mainland, so I get very excited when people make the trip over to Tassie. Sometimes it occurs to me that, unlike the mainland where you can just jump in a car or bus or train (or even walk) and go anywhere in the country - you can't get out of Tasmania without paying a great deal by plane or boat. It kind of stifles spontaneous travel. I'm not complaining though, I love it here.
Just come visit me, okay?!

+ As I rode home yesterday I spotted these little chalkboard signs sticky-taped to our fence. C did it as a little surprise for me as I rode past. Adorable man.



+ dress: nanna's, shoes; vivienne westwood + melissa, coat: too old to remember, bow: diva.