Mixtape | Sea Songs

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In the Southern Hemisphere we're currently dipping our toes into Summer. Summer officially started 4 days ago, but I'm yet to see any signs of it yet. I grew up in the country, but my dad lived in the city and most second weekends we'd stay with him in his flat on Pacific Street (because it faced right onto the Pacific Ocean). There were two beaches - little beach and big beach. Big beach was my favourite, but my sister wouldn't swim there because when she was very young I told her that waves would eat her, and thus she didn't learn how to swim until she was much older. I moved to the city when I was 18 and I think I took living in a beachy city a bit for granted. Now I live in inland Tasmania, I really miss it. The sea breezes, hearing ships horns, the smell of sunscreen, sound of seagulls, beach culture and the ease of going down to cool off are all things I miss. Last January C's parents took us to the beach for the first time in Tasmania and it was wonderful. C and I had actually never been swimming together before and it was great fun and one of my favourite memories. So, this paragraph has really been just to say that I really miss the beach and I want to go visit it and I made a mix in its honour.

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