Haus | Lounge

When I first moved into my new house 3 months ago I posted a couple of pictures of the decor, though it seems to just keep evolving. My lounge room is my favourite room. My friend said that it is like a shrine to knick knacks and opshops. I suppose I'd agree! I like that it is in a state of organised clutter and that my (itty bitty) TV isn't the feature of the room. I think lounge rooms should be more than just a place to watch TV. It is only a small room and the decor is probably a bit overwhelming, but there's still lots of white space and the clutter is kind of nice to sit back and look at. I think I'm going to have to stop thrifting wall art!


A few weeks ago C and I went opshopping and found this huge framed world map and old man armchair. It took a few weeks for them to be delivered and I loved arranging them once they arrived.

My cats are very prominent lounge room features (and couch hogs).