Worn | Burgundy & Polkadots


Today I tagged along with my friend Sara while she got her hair cut here. I haven't had a hair cut since high school (three years ago) - I've just kind of hacked at it myself over the years and nervously cut a fringe every now and then. So, I snuck into the appointment after her and had a lovely head massage and shampoo and after cutting it the girl asked excitedly if she could curl it and I (equally as excitedly) obliged. Sara got bright red extensions and a wicked front fringe cut. Maybe next time I'll be more adventurous. Having a hair cut is highly underrated. I wish I'd not been so afraid of going these past few years. I think I always put haircuts in the category of self indulgence, but today was a good day to indulge. Dooooo it.


+ dress: ebay, skirt: katies (thrifted), belt: stolen from another dress, shoes: vivienne westwood & melissa, bow: diva.