Worn | Yellow & Mauve




Today C and I are going for a little bike ride around town to look for some of those hard-to-buy-for Christmas gifts. We've been going for rides together a couple of times a week lately, which I really enjoy. I'm kind of obsessed with finding new places to ride to - places in Launceston we've not explored before. There are only so many places to explore on a bike because Launceston is surrounded by hills. We go house-watching (in the same vein as people-watching). I am in love with all of the one-of-a-kind round-edged art deco homes. I like to imagine what they would have been like when they were first built and the families who would have lived in them.

I bought the skirt and cardigan in these photos last week during Nanna's 50% sale. Yellow and mauve are my favourite colours at the moment.

I really enjoy the fact that C's cat Mesca hates my guts but is always trying to get in my photos (she doesn't have many poses does she?). My friend Sara patted her the other day and then when I tried to pat her she scratched me, then Sara patted her again and she was fine. She would rather be patted by a total stranger than be patted by me. Bitch. I guess we are both vying for the attention of the same man - and she had him first.

+ shirt: thrifted, stockings: sussan, shoes: vivienne westwood & melissa, belt: ebay, cardigan & skirt: nanna's.