100 Ideas | Week Four

This week I chose the idea: Illustrate your grocery list for my challenge. I am terrible at shopping because 1) I work at a supermarket, so I never want to go to them outside of work and 2) I live 30 seconds from a supermarket, so C just goes to get items one by one as we need them. I have never actually used a shopping trolley before - I've never bought more than a basket load.

So instead of illustrating my own grocery list (I couldn't think of anything I needed) - I illustrated some shopping lists I found at my work (people leave them in their baskets). I think I'll be on the look out for more shopping lists at work to draw now. I pulled out my Derwents for the first time in about 5 years which was a good feeling. This idea reminded me of a blog I used to go to called Shopping Losts wherein  the blogger would collect shopping lists and then recreate them typographically in Photoshop.

Last night I finished my Sketchbook Project journal and will be scanning it today and sending it off tomorrow. I will be so sad to see it go. The Australian Open has been on these past few weeks and I've been sitting and collaging while I watch my favourite tennis players (<3 Nadal), relaxing!

What are some creative things you've been up to this week?