100 Ideas | Week Three

I'm a few days behind in my Keri Smith challenge as I've been busy with family from interstate this week, but I did start this one last week. Last week I chose the idea 'Write a letter to yourself in the future', but after seeing Joy The Baker's post about making a time capsule, I couldn't resist taking it a little further.

So, I wrote myself a letter for the future, put it in a box and started filling it with little bits and pieces. Things that I can forget about for a while and won't need desperately, but things I'll really enjoy uncovering in five years. I haven't labeled the items like Joy did, but I like that some of the things I put in this box might be a bit of a mystery for me. I did label all of the instant photos.

+ Deciding on some things to put in.

Some things in the box:
+ a neck warmer my best friend knitted me
+ a mix cd containing some of my favourite songs at the moment (entitled the "I hope they have cd players in the future" mix)
+ a whole bunch of instant photos from 2011
+ one of my current payslips (I'm hoping life might be a bit different monetarily in 2017)
+ a badge from my work
+ a lavender pillow (it will make everything smell good)
+ a collage I made
+ a pamphlet about MONA (one of my top 3 places on earth)
+ a vintage Valentine (this will have a lot of meaning after this year)
+ the badge from the Summer school I just completed
+ a bicycle badge made by Isis
+ an embroidery I did
+ one of my postcards
+ a letter to my future self
+ a letter from C to my future self (which I've not read)

Now I am going to bury this box in the depths of my spare bedroom wardrobe and not open it up until the 24th January 2017. I will be 27.
I'm pretty sure you should go make yourself a time capsule now!