Last night C and I were riding to his parents house for his mum's 66th birthday party and we rode down a really dodgy street. I call C the cat whisperer  because if he sees a cat, he makes that little clicking noise with his tongue and cats immediately run up to him and roll onto their belly for a pat.

In the street we saw a sweet year old cat with a collar and then a tiny kitten ran out from under a parked car and wanted a pat too. He was very grubby and covered in fleas and the street wasn't far from a very busy road. He didn't seem to belong to any of the houses, but we rode off and left him with the other cats in the street. When we rode past at 10pm he was still out on the road wandering around and (after some short but intense deliberating) we made the decision to put him in our backpack and ride with him home.

It felt really dodgy taking him, but to me, a dirty, starving, flea-ridden four/five week old kitten out on the street at 10pm near a busy road at night doesn't have a responsible owner. You might feel differently. When we got him home he ate like he had never eaten before. He has a lovely, kind nature, follows us around and walks about purring all day. I didn't even think about what we'd name him, as soon as we picked him up he was Dexter. I said to C that we are such 'fangirls', naming our cats after our favourite singers and tv shows, ha.

So, I have four cats. FOUR CATS. I know that sounds ridiculous. It is ridiculous. But I do. They are all clean (except Dexter, still working on that), wormed and flea treated, they get along and spend a lot of time sitting outside in the sun or curled up on our beds. I guess I just didn't want anyone to think I'm living in squalor with my four cats, haha. If I were ever able to, I'd love to be able to foster stray cats until they found homes.

Maybe my cat rescuing adventure had something to do with reading this book at the moment.

Ps. How great is Kitties and Bullshit?