Just A Minute...

...in January

Whispy Tassie sky feat. tiny moon #nofilter
+ There were some pretty sunsets.

A whole pack of choc topped fruit mince pies to myself
+ I ate my first ever fruit mince pie. And then I ate the whole packet.

+ I also ate a pop tart and some Nanna's afternoon tea.

+ My cats were lazy as always.

+ I found some cool record covers, but nothing worth buying.

+ I wore a bow and a little hat.

+ I sent my friend a cool print (that never arrived, wah!) and I unearthed my Frankie collection (still trying to find a couple of the missing issues).

+ I started a little project with some vintage Valentines.

+ I spent a whole lot of time at Summer School.

+ I helped my friend christen her new couch and bought fresh flowers for my house.

+ I embraced yellow.

+ I bought my niece and nephew who were visiting a crazy straw.

+ I celebrated my mother in law's 66th birthday.

+ I went to the aquatic centre and went on the diving board and big slide three times each.

+ A new kitty came into my life.

+ I received cute cat salt and pepper shakers and gave some cute toys.

Day 3 #janphotoaday : my humble steed
+ And my bike got a big workout.

Watching: New Girl, Pan Am, Vampire Diaries, the Australian Open, Unbreakable, Dexter S1.
Purchasing: Papery supplies, vintage Valentines.
Listening to: M83, Fleet Foxes, Paul Kelly.
Loving: My tiny kitten.
Making: Books and collages.
Consuming: Fruit mince pies, ice blocks, yoghurt & honey.
Wanting: Pocket money for fun things.