Making | Books Pt. 2

This is Part 2 of my book making from Summer School (here is Part 1). I really enjoyed making these books and I like how they turned out (though they're just my prototypes - I'd love to make more).

C had to teach me a little life lesson though about choosing whose criticism to accept when people comment on your work, after someone told me they didn't like them. I think that's really important to think about especially when you are a creative person. You can put a whole lot of joy and inspiration into something and then get shot down by one off handed comment and it makes you look at your work differently. Just because I wouldn't say something negative about someone's work when they show it to me, doesn't mean that they won't to my work. To each their own I guess. So, that aside, these are two books I made at Summer School to house some of my pretty received mail.

Book one: Letter holder book with vinyl cover - I taped two letters at a time together down one edge then stitched them into the book like pages. This was my first time using vinyl, so I tried to use PVA glue to adhere it to the inner cardboard (which made the cardboard kind of mushy and malleable inside the vinyl, but I'm okay with that). The buttons on either side do up with a hairband. The buttons were given to me by a girl in my class, they belonged to her grandmother. The letters can be removed from the envelopes, but the envelopes are stitched in.

Book two: Postcard book with hand-painted cover - similarly to the book above, I taped two postcards at a time together on one edge, then stitched them down the tape into the book to create pages. I like this as a  kind of coffee table book to flick through. When it went on display at our exhibition I felt a bit funny about having all my postcards read, but I decided I was okay with it.

Still going to try to do some little book making tutorials when I get around to it! :)