Collage | Scraps

+ Tonight's collaging. That 'Ugly Fat Can Ruin Your Life' ad is so ridiculous. Does the modern media deserve a pinch of credit for being more subtle in their body shaming? ...No.

I love collage. It is probably my favourite art making medium. The Sketchbook Project really challenged me and made me realise that I should be making more for myself in my own spare time. It was bittersweet to send that book away and know I'll never get to flip through all of my collages again. I really need to make myself a new journal (after going to book binding class I feel like I should never buy another journal again!) and start collaging in it. I like to collage while watching sports. I find that's when I'm at my collaging best. Tonight was Mad Men watching collage time.

+ Collage 2, made from scraps of collage 1.

I really love the variety of collage. It is such a beautiful form of recycling. While I'm talking about my love for collage, I thought I'd share some images by my favourite artists who use collage in their work;

+ Peter Clark

+ Bill Zindel

+ Jordan Clarke

+ Lilliana Pereira

+ Julian Pacaud

+ Natalie Malik

+ Karena Colquhoun

+ Beth Hoeckel

+ James Drinkwater (street trash collage)

+ Dani Sanchis

+ Luci Everett

Who are some of your favourite artists? I'd love to know.