Worn | Ketchup and Mustard



As Scathingly Brilliant says; it is mandatory to title an outfit post wherein you're wearing red and yellow - 'ketchup and mustard' ;)

I love this hat. I wish I had bought it at the start of Summer. I would have worn it so much! I'll have to appropriate it as a Winter accessory too. Today I've just been dawdling around my house. I have three days off work (I never have three days off in a row) and I'm trying to think of things to do to make the most of the time. I go back to university in two weeks, then the juggling will recommence. I am looking forward to being forced to create things again.

+ dress: kitten paws vintage
+ coat: nanna's coffee & vintage
+ shoes: harajuku lovers
+ tights: sussan
+ hat: asos
+ belt: thrifted