Worn | Red Obsessed

My friend Sara and I had a lovely day together getting some little things done (included: a quick trip to the opshop and seeing battery powered candles, climbing up a tower and being able to see all over town, filling a basket with cute hair-clips and earrings for a market stall on the weekend, eating cheese - we always eat cheese, and purchasing a giant suitcase). When she dropped me home these lovely shoes were waiting for me to tear open their box. They are just lovely, smell delicious (Melissas always do) and are pretty damn comfy. Despite my initial parade around, they will be being kept in their box for a little while longer for a special occasion though.


+ dress: Target
+ shoes: Melissa Red Flock Patchulis (I bought mine on eBay)
+ hairband: made by my Nanna
+ stockings: Sussan
+ belt: thrifted