100 Ideas | Week Twelve

This week I chose the idea - List all the places you've ever lived. I have lived in quite a lot of places. I don't expect you to read all about them, but you can if you wanna. It's interesting what memories stand out most from different places you've lived. What memories attached to places you've lived stand out for you?

+ When I was born my parents lived in a house they refer to as "Watt Street". I was too little to remember, but I remember my dad telling me over and over: "What street? Watt Street!"

+ I lived in a caravan near Coffs Harbour (where the Big Banana is located) when I was a baby, with my mum and dad and ten year old brother.

+ I grew up in a ramshackled old house in the middle of the bush with my mum, step dad and little sister. It was constantly being renovated and at different times, it had trees inside that held up the roof, a bathroom floor made of river stones, an indoor rock garden, orange shag-pile carpet, a wood fire stove, bats living in the walls and a precariously hand-built rock-wall. It had an acre of gardens surrounding it and a huge life-size tree house. My mum still owns it and I love it. It's one of a kind.

+ My little sister and I spent a weekend every second week staying with my dad in his three-room (kitchen, bathroom and sleeping/eating/loungeroom) housing commission flat. We slept on foam mattresses on the floor, drew a lot of pictures and sticky taped them to the walls, watched the Simpsons, invited the neighbourhood children over, walked to the beach, played softball in the tiny yard and ate fish fingers for dinner and Bubble-O-Bills for dessert. 

+ I lived in a house on a big block of land with my mum, her new partner, his three children and my sister. Um, cramped?! I remember being a very grumpy teenager in this house.

+ I moved in with a friend and her family when I was 16. She had lots of horses and we had to get up really early to go to school. I remember that time fondly, though the friendship is long since over.

+ I lived with my high school boyfriend and his parents in a little house on the river. They had a piano which I loved to play when nobody was around and my boyfriend's dad HATED garlic and could tell if I had cooked with it even if I washed everything thoroughly and aired out the kitchen. Garlic was not allowed!

+ I lived by myself in a tiny old nurses quarters off of an old hospital. It was a weird little place and had too many chairs with nobody sitting in them.

+ I lived by myself for 6 months in a 4 bedroom house in the town where I went to high school. It was a little lonely at first, but I loved that house. It backed onto the town park and the library and was nearby to everything. I loved having people visit. When I left, I accidentally left a kilo block of cheese in the fridge and couldn't go back and get it.

+ I lived in a tiny flat on one of the main cafe streets in my city with a girl I didn't know very well. I probably stayed there a max of two weeks (even though I paid rent for 6 months).

+ I lived in a lovely little house in a bad area of my city (the red light district) when C and I first got together. Many good times were had in this house.

+ I lived lived in a tiny, 1850's cottage when I first moved to Tasmania with C. It was freeeeeezing.

+ and now I live in the loveliest little house in Launceston with my lovely boy and our four cats. My house is right in the city, in the cafe district, in a sweet side street full of houses with flags.