Monday List | At This Moment

+ photos from the weekend:
1. cupcakes that matched my outfit from cutie cups.
2. the gorgeous shopfront of love and clutter.
3. amazing mushroom & manchego arancini with aioli lunch at raincheck cafe today (what a mouthful).
4. awesome artwork by amber koroluk-stephenson.

+ time: 7:48pm
+ temperature: 14C
+ sitting: in my comfy computer chair at my desk which is covered in collage remnants. my uni books sitting beside me daring me to open them.
+ eating: roast onion and rosemary chips with hummus. 
+ wearing: red and white stripy skivy under new yellow dress with peter-pan collar bought at dotti in hobart over the weekend, red tights, no shoes, messy bun hair.
+ sounds: c yawning behind me at his desk (we had a big weekend) and clicking his mouse, the cats chasing each other around the house.
+ scents: other people cooking their dinners (i need to think of something to cook).
+ watching: the last fading rays of sun out my window (where did my 9pm sunsets go?!)
+ tabs open: amanda's awesome little publication Inside Out (she did a little interview with me on page 52 about mix cds), I’ve picked my wedding dress, song, bridesmaids, church, cake I just need a groom,  delighted momma's braided clay bracelet, the dainty squid's peanut butter pillows, this cool 'Indian stretchable time' watch, food gawker, felicia piacentino's flickr photostream (awesome collages) & the thousands list of places to go in hobart (I always have a lot of tabs open).
+ needing: a shower, a good meal, some sleep, for my assignments to do themselves.
+ tonight: watching vampire diaries, a movie, making dinner, doing uni readings, a big sleep.