Just A Minute...

Last month:

+ I got some pretty new shoes and my cats were very lazy in the heat.

+ I went to see a soccer game with some new friends and admired pretty sunsets.

+ I read an excellent book while devouring some afternoon tea at Nanna's and also had an impromptu dinner (with green tea) at our favourite restaurant to celebrate C and I being together for three years.

+ My bike felt photogenic.

+ My couch felt photogenic.

+ I received a sweet package and baked red velvet cheesecake brownies.

+ I saw these amazing dresses in a shop window by Mackenzie Mode ($500 each! Whaaaaa)

+ I drank cute pink drinks and bought a new dress.

+ I gave Dexter numerous baths and took numerous pictures of him.

+ I did some collaging (and found this terrible advertisement).

+ I fell in love with the mustard and red combo.

+ C and I went opshopping.

+ My friend Sara and I held a market stall with some of her pretty wares.

+ I saw these two things at the markets (the second image is a used train ticket from my home state for sale for $1).

+ I acquired two pretty blankets.

+ I climbed up a tower.

+ I had my first day back at uni.

+ A lovely co-worker left this in my bike basket and I saw a very gendered bathroom.

+ C wore a cool shirt I bought him for Xmas and I painted his nails silver.

+ I cleaned my desk and rearranged some pictures.

+ I admired the colours at the paint shop.

+ We attended Nanna's first birthday party and got free tiny cupcakes.

Watching: Woodley, Adam Hills in Gordon Street Tonight, Outland, Life's Too Short, Outnumbered, Jane Eyre, The Illusionist, Tucker & Dale Vs Evil.
Purchasing: Red dresses, red shoes, Wii Fit & 50 stamps.
Listening to: Big Scary, The Frames, The Civil Wars.
Loving: Being back at uni and planning for the future.
Wearing: Mustard tights and floppy hats.
Making: Dinner.
Consuming: Frittata tarts, Up & Gos & homemade minestrone.
Wanting: June/July (& the accompanying weather).