Little Joys

+ illustrated lists
+ sleepovers with my (sadly soon to be moving) best friend
+ bright yellow nails
+ delicious salads that convert salad haters
+ cut flowers that last for weeks
+ a fresh new hard-cover art journal (will share soon)
+ new classes, new teachers, new friends
+ exercise being slightly more fun (wii fit)
+ life drawing (challenging, but i'm improving)
+ trying out lots of new soup recipes
+ sticking 50 stamps on 50 red envelopes
+ meeting my boyfriend for lunch at his uni campus
+ crisp, fresh sheets
+ mail from old penpals
+ woodley (i laughed an embarrassing amount)
+ finding out my blood type (i gave blood last month for the first time!) A Pos!
+ when you come home and open your front door and your house smells awesome
+ favourite fonts: wisdom script, print clearly & dubtronic