Little Joys

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+ crisp, white index cards
+ sheer stockings with little dots
+ my step dad putting on a cabaret in my little country hometown
+ coming home to my kitten having disassembled his water fountain and hidden the internal filter. clever (albeit naughty) cat
+ cuddle weather
+ puzzle piece tattoos
+ waking up to multiple cats sleeping around my face
+ lazing after a house cleaning afternoon
+ a little trip away this weeekend (markets, a vintage fair, a housewarming party)
+ crisp, autumn air
+ my work roster being identical to c's (he loves riding to work together)
+ learning to walk in my new wedges
+ draw something (i'm so addicted)
+ collecting collective nouns (a sneak of weasels, a kindle of kittens, a smack of jellyfish)
+ convincing work colleagues to get cool old bikes
+ vintage tea towels
+ this mix by blog milk on repeat
+ two day work weeks
+ foot rubs
+ bed socks