Midweek 10

+ Maria Friberg

+ My current fashion blog obsession is lovely Stef from Diversons. Oh those cute gifs!
+ I'd love to make these pretty patchy paper and fabric lanterns on Lola Nova.
+ Pantagraph lists the 100 Best First Lines From Novels.
+ I love these mind boggling shadow artworks made from rubbish sculptures.
+ Rachel from Pointless Pretty Things let me share some of my collag-y journall-y things in aid of her Journal Month.
+ I made delicious naans this week thanks to Emma's recipe (I added lots of cheese too).
+ I think these thrifting tips on Musings are really useful.
+ I've just recently become acquainted with the meme Foul Bachelor Frog. So bad, but so good.
+ Grosgrain is running a sweet sweet giveaway featuring a fabulous handmade bicycle riding dress.
+ Pretty sure I need to do my own version of this awesome record player jewellery box DIY.