Things I did today:
+ Slept in and missed uni.
+ Woke up to a phone call from my Ma.
+ Opened a delightful little parcel from my friend Min full of fun party stuff.
+ Wore a sprig of lavender in my hair.
+ Visited one of my favourite Launceston shops, Cinty's and had a lovely chat with its lovely namesake (she even gave me free tickets to a vintage fair on the weekend and a free shirt for C!).
+ I ate a delicious toastie, a big glass of banana smoothie and a slice of hazenut chocolate cheesecake at Milkbar and was gifted some lovely fabric (that I had picked out to buy) by Isis.
+ Opened some lovely presents from my love (new red stockings, a cameo mug, the Vintage Tea Party book and Heels on Wheels book).
+ Received lovely little gifts from Sara and we went for a drive to the Batman Bridge and back.
+ Watched Sara get two new tattoos (little red puzzle pieces on each ankle, one with my initials in it!).
+ Quickly devoured some delicious Indian food with C.
+ Went to the movies to see a screening of Amelie at my uni's movie night (my favourite movie on my birthday?!).
+ Came home and felt pooped.
+ Watched my year-old cat come in from outside and proceed to lick my kitten from head to toe, then the kitten licked him from head to toe, then they snuggled. I DIE.
+ Had a lovely birthday