100 Ideas | Week Fifteen

I chose a pretty simple idea for this past week - make a map of everywhere you went in one day. Our friend Chris was staying with us for a few days from NSW and my best friend Sara was kind enough to drive the four of us around the countryside visiting some of the lovely sites that Northern Tasmania has to offer. We had delicious lunch and sweets at the raspberry farm, devoured cheese samples at the cheese farm, ate late afternoon burgers on the water in Devonport, observed some topiary and a hideous statue and watched C and Chris drink a paddle of beers each at the brewery and observed all the lovely scenery in between. This map shows all  the places we stopped over our 6 hour journey.

Next, I'd like to road trip to the Great Western Tiers to see falling snow and maybe go camping when it's warm again on the pretty East Coast. I feel like Tasmania is pretty much inexhaustible, despite it's tiny size (if you were wondering, it is about the size of Ireland or Switzerland or West Virginia). It has expansive beaches, snowy mountains, treacherous forests, huge lakes, rolling hills. I like it a lot.

Where would you like to road trip to?