Haus | Desk

I just thought I'd share some pictures of my current desk/making space. My camera was being a bit bothersome today, so apologies for the yellowness of everything. Ideally I'd love to have a fun, roomy studio area with lots of space to spread out, but C and I share the space (he sits behind me at his desk) so I can't be too messy. I have a view into my little backyard and can watch the tv in the lounge room lazily from my desk chair. My cats also like to use the sunny vantage point of my window sill to sit and laze.
My essential creative space ingredients are lots of desk space, compartments, colour and that everything is easily accessible.


I also thought I'd mention super quick that I did some (very) late night blog tweaking last night and changed the commenting system on my blog again, so all the previous comments on the last month's worth of posts don't show up anymore (but I can still see them in my account) - just in case you thought I deleted your lovely comment!