Little Joys

+ Fabian Souche

+ the word wunderkammers
+ opshop treasure hunts
+ my work's HUGE supply of discount easter eggs
+ back to the future 2
+ old photographs of people I don't know
+ lipstick compliments
+ a spick and span work space (gonna take some pictures of it soon)
+ homemade laksa
+ future planning with my lovely other half
+ curls
+ a nice long phone conversation with my ma (I'd prefer one in person of course).
+ harmonies

I had a bad day today. I'm grateful to be at the tail end of it. My mum said it was because it is Friday the 13th, but I'm not superstitious. It mostly centred around having a migraine, bad customers at work and realising I'd forgotten to bring my keys after locking my bike up outside a supermarket. I was running late for work (and thus put 0 effort into my appearance) and one of my coworkers asked me in all seriousness if I was growing dreadlocks (then proceeded to tell me about how he was chased by a hippy when he was a child and now he breaks into a sweat whenever he sees one - he's also deathly afraid of people wearing flannelette). I'm not growing dreadlocks, I just forgot to brush my hair for one day (it's very temperamental hair). I hope your day wasn't cursed by Friday the 13th!

One highlight of my day was when I got to work and one of my bosses told me she heard two guys on the main radio station in Launceston talking about a girl with a pink bicycle with "knitting" on the back and how this girl came out of a shop and they said "nice wheels" to her. Was totally me. Bike famous.