Thursday Thrift

I just thought I'd share a couple of things I picked up on a little opshop journey my friend Sara and I took this week to look for bits and bobs for her move. She's moving into a very, very retro little apartment this week and I've been helping to move stuff and hunt down furniture. The place is all browns and oranges and every room is tiled - it is such a fun little place. And best of all, it has a view of the entire city. We can spot my tiny little house not too far off in the distance and have discussed setting up some kind of semaphore or tin-can-phone system. She'll be all moved in by the end of the week and the "nesting" period will begin. I love nesting. I want to move just so I can re-nest. I am going to vicariously nest through Sara.

I saw these odd little big eyed children prints at the Mission shop and almost didn't get pick them up. They're by the painter Ozz Franca and after doing a little hunting, I found that Rachele from the Nearsighted Owl found a print a little while back too. There are a whole lot more big eyed children prints to find - I'm pretty sure I need more. They're kind of delightfully creepy.

I also picked up a Cath Kidson-esque doona cover for our bed (C see appears to have no qualms with things pink or floral) and some retro looking dinner plates (only three sadly).


Had any notable thrifts lately?