Midweek 6

+ (via The Nifty Fifties)

+ Katie was indecisive about what colour to paint her walls, so she painted each panel a different colour.
+ I'm coveting these sweater clips by Flapper Doodle. Adorable.
+ I'm really keen on this 14x9 project which aims to connect people via postcards. It's a kind of penpal service - you sign up, pick someone from the list of addresses and send them a postcard, when you receive a postcard, photograph and submit it.
+ One Sheepish Girl just baked an Earl Grey Chocolate Cake (I keep seeing Earl Grey everything lately - need to try).
+ I've been listening to this cute beachy mix by the Modcloth Stylists on 8tracks.
+ I tried this sock bun tutorial on Hello Giggles and it ruled (currently wearing one now).