100 Ideas | Week Fourteen

(I wish my camera didn't hate taking photos at night)

This week I chose the idea: describe your favourite room in detail.

My lounge room:
+ worn out green couch with thrifted crochet blanket and mismatched cushions (often covered with a blanket of cat fur).
+ colourful, miscellaneous thrifted artworks on the mantle piece and walls.
+ c's comfy old man armchair.
+ worn out floorboards.
+ long wooden coffee table with floral tablecloth (where we eat our dinner).
+ door to the hallway covered in C's soccer scarf collection.
+ big glass double doors leading out to the deck and backyard.
+ thrifted record player sitting on a chair with Carole King's Tapestry record.
+ clock on the mantlepiece 10 minutes fast.
+ air con.
+ dim lighting.
+ little tv, wii, dvd/video player, Foxtel, old sound system.
+ vases of dried flowers.
+ giant map of the world leaning against wall.
+ doorways to kitchen, office and hallway - the middle of the house.
+ colourful, warm and welcoming.