22 Before 23

In the past I've made these kind of lists and they've been pretty unrealistic and unachievable. I don't know why I do that to myself - it's like self sabotage. I think the things on these lists should be challenging, but not impossible. So, this is my realistic list for the following year. I feel excited about the things on this list.

1. wear red lipstick every day.
2. make a photo album - well, i started one!
3. keep an art journal and fill it with good things - pregnancy journal.
4. record a song (and share it online).
5. go back home to Newcastle, see old friends, spend quality time with family, get hitched! enjoy every moment.  had a lovely, fun time & got to go back to Newcastle twice.
6. go roller skating.
7. put plans in place to leave the country (#1 get my passport, #2 pick a destination, #3 start saving).
8. make another zine and/or get some postcards printed.
9. finish my second full year of university (with at least a credit average).
10. learn to use Illustrator/better my design skills.
11. buy some really good records to play on my record player -
  • Young Americans - David Bowie
  • The Cars - The Cars.
  • The Beach Boys - Greatest Hits
12. bake a pie from scratch and/or attempt a multi-layered cake.
13. take at least 3 rolls of film.
14. play music in front of people again.
15. cook a new recipe every month. - no evidence of this, but i'm sure i managed it.
16. try out the gym i ride past every day/have a regular fitness regimen. - gym joined!
17. plant some vegetables in our garden (and hopefully eat some of them too)
18. borrow a car for a day and take C for a drive to the Great Western Tiers or to the beach
19. learn a new craft. - woodcut prints!
20. open a new Etsy shop (and make fun things for it).
21. travel to Melbourne.
22. see a band I like play live (nothing ever comes to Tasmania). - they might be giants


I was inspired by the lists of Elizabeth, Kaelah, ElsieAndrea.
Do you have a birthday list too? Care to share?