Little Joys

+ cut paper paste 

+ buying my cats engraved heart shaped name tags.
+ sending off important (exciting) documents.
+ a bag of malteasers to oneself.
+ making a schedule for my day and getting stuff done.
+ bicycle compliments.
+ making soup.
+ singing for the first time in a long time.
+ organising my collage supplies.
+ a nice long bicycle ride.
+ good hair days (they're a rarity).
+ the fact that my best friend is staying in the country and found a daggy, retro apartment to rent - I can't wait to help her nest.
+ a clean work space.
+ giggling to new girl.
+ spaghetti with garlic oil, parmesan and parsley.
+ finding some usa quarters and looking at the information about each state on the back (will probably sound like the most boring thing ever to americans, but now I'm obsessed! need more quarters!)