Midweek 7

+ Stories for Bedtime - Ceal Warnants.

+ I really enjoyed checking out Don Draper's new digs for the latest season of Mad Men. I love that some of the props for on set were gathered from Etsy, Ebay and Craigslist.
+ I loved clicking through Apartment Therapy's 17 Musician's Bedrooms. I love Elton John's bedroom!
+ I've enjoyed checking out this list of The 101 Most Useful Websites - a lot of them are worth bookmarking.
+ Delightfully Tacky wrote a great post about her 10 Tips for Travelling Well - super useful.
+ Lisa Currie's Scribble Diary is due to come out very soon, but in the meantime you can print out and doodle in her templates.
+ Kate shared a bundle of scans of cute 1960s girls with pretty hair-dos, for use for whatever you'd like.
+ I just signed up for Art House Co-Op's Chronicle Project, wherein participants document a single day on a postcard. Want to sign up too?