Uni has reached the point in semester where I pretty much can't spend my time doing much else for the next two weeks. Six assignments in two weeks? What a breeze! I'd like to just fast forward through time to later this month so I don't have to experience the assignment turmoil! The internet is an easy distraction especially when I have to do a lot of online research so I'm giving myself a two week blog break. After the assignment-fest I've got a couple of free weeks before I head home to Newcastle for a fortnight of well-deserved holiday to see my friends and family. I'm determined to get out of the next two weeks unscathed, with no time extensions and no last-minute hand ins. See you on the other side!

Psssst... If you'd like to contribute a list for me to put up on my blog while I'm in assignment hibernation feel free to email me: bianca [at] A list of favourite things, a list of things to do, a list of craft projects, a list of lists - anything that pleases you :)