Lovely Lists

I'm still deep in the throes of uni doom, but thought I'd share a couple of fun lists some readers sent me.

Things I Don't Expect To See While Driving by Mary
(things that probably won't happen, but technically could...)
+ police officer running radar in a speedo
+ someone shooting of a t-shirt canon from the bed of a pick up truck
+ a dog getting a bath in the back of a convertible
+ a naked garbage man
+ someone holding a flaming torch out of their window
+ group of cheerleaders doing a routine in the median strip
+ digital porn on an electronic billboard
+ group of people doing the YMCA dance in a culdesac
+ driving being ejects out of their seat through the roof
+ tight roping circus worker on the power lines
+ Cirque Du Soleil performance on a phone pole
+ someone getting a tattoo outside
+ a movie being filmed (with Johnny Depp)
+ two bears mating

A List of Artists to Heart by Kaitlyn
Annabelle Marquis
M.A Tateishi
Ira Hoffecker
Ann Marshall
Maria Aparicio
Christo and Jeanne Claude
Miranda Skoczek
Brandi Deziel
Meghan Hildebrand
Lara Scarr
Lee Price
Angela Grossmann
Jen Mann

+ Above is a list I came across via Tumblr and really liked, it's Matthew Gubler's 'Reasons To Stay Alive'.

Want to send me a list? I'll put a couple more up on my blog in the next few days.